ARG! Productions

ARG! Productions is a small, independent animation group headed up by Will White. We work on small animated projects with teams varying from 2 or 3 to 13 people. We work primarily in Flash with some Maya vector rendering. More information can be found on the ARG! Productions website.

Li'l Kitty Jam Jams

Role: Producer/Digital Ink and Color/Background Painting

The LKJJ project originally started as a pitch for an animated series. We have since been working on a standalone animated short to explore and develop the character of Kitty.My role as a producer was to organize a schedule and run online meetings, as well as pick up slack in any needed areas (animation clean-up, layout painting, etc.).

The group working on this project has spanned up to 13 total in all different areas (art, writing, music and sound). For more information on the project, visit the LKJJ Project Page on ARG! Productions.

Bryan Scary Music Video

Role: Producer/Digital Ink and Color/Background Painting/Asset Modelling

We are currently in production on an animated music video for Bryan Scary & the Shredding Tears. The group on this project is small, consisting of myself, the creative director/lead animator, and outside help for rigging and some animation.


Cake Town

screenshot from CakeTown

Role: Producer/Background Painting/Programming

Originally conceived at a Game Jam for the XO Laptop, our goal was to create a simple game that could easily be enjoyed by someone who may not have had any prior exposure to video games. We wanted to use little to no language, considering that the XO will be distributed to developing nations worldwide.

My role as producer consisted of organizing and running brainstorming meetings, learning the process used to create activity bundles our of our game to run on the XO, and assisting with other tasks during the 40 hour time frame we had to create the game (this included background painting and programming).

Screenshot from CakeTownCharacter animations

An executable of the original CakeTown can be downloaded here. This version consists of only two levels and contains minimal interactive scene elements.